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The hero's journey

“I am a coward and

I hate heroes.

But like most people,

I just can't help running toward

my fear.”

Yachar Kémal

There are periods in our life that bring about pressing questions.

Is my life today what I imagined it to be?

Why does it feel so bland?

Am I at an impasse?

What is the next turn?

When fundamental questions cannot be ignored any longer…

When you feel stuck and your mind fails to find a solution…

When external circumstances don't account for everything…

Time has come for you to experience the power of a rite of passage.

“The labyrinth is thoroughly known;

we have only to follow

the thread of the hero-path.”

Joseph Campbell

Within you, a ”hero” desires a full experience of life.

Some “monsters” get in your way: your inner demons, annoyed that this will trouble their little arrangements and  fully committed to maintaining the status quo.

leave on an inner journey…

the hero's journey

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