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The hero's journey




Upon demand…

A journey without detours to discover your deepest aspiration…

21-28 April 2024 with Tony Khabaz

France, 30 kilometres (18 miles) south of Valence

in the Drôme Valley

7 days, residential, bilingual (English-French)

from Sunday 21 at 14:00  to Sunday 28 at 16:00

1 400 € including full-board (double room)

The number of Journeyers is limited to 12

“Myth contains the nearest approach to truth that can be embodied in words. It portrays the inner meaning of life. Wonder, joy, awe, terror, creation, re-creation move in the myth where the great images, heroes and gods, monsters and demons, play out their parts in the eternal drama of transformation.


If man holds wonder in his heart, the eternal child of new beginnings can live with him, even in old age.”

Frances Wickes


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