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The hero's journey

Tony Khabaz

Tony Khabaz has been for over fifteen years a guide to The hero's journey and other “inner adventure circuits” designed by Rebillot.

Tony Khabaz started working with Paul Rebillot in 1994. From 2001 to 2008, he received in-depth training and mentoring from him.

He trained with Rebillot within the School of Gestalt and Experiential Training, together with people from six different nationalities.

He simultaneously assisted Rebillot in facilitating numerous workshops throughout Europe and, in France, the last three-year Advanced Training cycle of the School of Gestalt and Experiential Process, from 2005 to 2008.

He also contributed, in 2006 and 2007, to the collaborative creation and launching of Rebillot's last important project, Abraham's Legacy, a four-day workshop conceived by Rebillot with a transcultural group of nine of his former students. This workshop was facilitated first in Germany in 2007, then in Ireland in 2009.

When Rebillot retired to San Francisco in 2008, he asked Khabaz to ensure the continuation of his work and training in France. A training cycle took place in 2010-2013.

Today, Tony Khabaz's activities include:

• Facilitating “adventures” created by Paul Rebillot or using his approach.

• Training practitionners in gestalt and experiential processes following Rebillot's approach;

• supervising the practioners who assist him in workshops;

• life-coaching aiming at clarifying and implementing personal choices;

• in organisations, group and individual coaching linked to the dynamics of collaborative creation and influence, particularly in transcultural contexts.

His talents also extend to his private life. He prepares tasty Lebanese mezze while humming Napolitan tunes. He persuades wandering mice and bees to drift away by means of kind words. And he consistantly is the one that little ones turn to when they want to practice “soft battle”.