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The hero's journey

About the Hero's Journey

Flat Life, Full Life and Call

The Journeyers' decision is usually inspired by the gap between their feeling that their life is "flat" and their desire for a "full" life — and it is prompted by what we perceive as a "call".

Tony Khabaz and Catherine Lagarde, November 2023

The Hero's Journey: Ritualizing the Mystery

In 1989, Paul Rebillot publishes The Hero's Journey: Ritualizing the Mystery, his contribution to Spiritual Emergency: When Personal Transformation Becomes a Crisis, a collective book edited by Stanislav Grof et Christina Grof.

Paul Rebillot, 1989 — Excerpts, February 2022

The Hero's Journey is not…

“Rewrite your bio as that of a hero”, “Create your heroic future”, “Live your own myth”…

Even though they may be presented under the label of "the hero's journey" such promises have nothing to do with how Joseph Campbell conceived of it and what Paul Rebillot made out of it.

Such expectations are based on two major misconceptions. Two clarifications are required.

Tony Khabaz and Catherine Lagarde, Februrary 2016

Gestalt according to Dick Price and Paul Rebillot

Gestalt according to Dick Price

Excerpts of an April 1985 interview where Dick Price spells out the principle according to which “the client is the one to know” and describes a practice that is more relevant than ever.

Dick Price, April 1985

Gestalt as an Art Form

“Therapy is the work of the soul, and art is the language of the soul”… Paul Rebillot talks about personal balance, gestalt, rites of passage, and the principles along which he created his experiential processes, the first of which was The Hero's Journey, in 1973.

Paul Rebillot

Remembering Paul Rebillot

My Journey with Paul Rebillot

Ten years after Paul Rebillot's death, on 11 February 2010, Tony Khabaz recalls.

Account of an enduring relationship, indicative of Rebillot's distinctive manner  and way of guiding journeyers, and one example among many of how his style influenced someone's life.

Tony Khabaz, 11 Februrary 2020 (with Catherine Lagarde)

Paul Rebillot's last talk

A few weeks before he died, Paul Rebillot tells his long-tim friend Melissa Kay and his caregiver  what he feels has been the essence of his work, his life,… himself.

The moving confession from a “prouchatcher” who enjoyed putting “a couple of nothings” together and waiting for “a gestalt [to] form”.

Paul Rebillot, December 2009 (with Melissa Kay)