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The hero's journey

An experience with unique self-transformative power

The unprecedented synergy of various disciplines.

Paul Rebillot put together a unique experiential approach with creative direct  impact, drawing on the the synergy between myth, gestalt, group dynamics, bodywork, guided meditation and ritual theater…


One of the key aspects of gestalt consists in increasing your awareness of the various (sometimes conflictual) views on the situation, in establishing dialogue between them, and in integrating them — which allows for your global view of the situation without losing sight of the details.

According to gestalt, each character in a myth may represent a facet of yourself. Developing your inner experience of their interactions then consists, step after step,  in putting yourself in the skin, heart and mind of each protagonist so as to experience from inside what is the nature and meaning of their relationship.

Thus, each “adventure” is a way to get in touch with yourself, and to take a new perspective on yourself and the kind of life you are wishing for.

Groups dynamics

Rebillot practised group dynamics at Esalen with Will Schutz.

The attention brought to group processe ensures that the “adventure” unfolds in a climate of empathy, respect and mutual support that nurtures everybody’s authenticity and creativity in expressing their uniqueness.

Body, posture, movement

In gestalt, physical sensations are considered as indicators of emotional or mental processes. On the reverse, you may experiment with body sensations and test their impact on your emotions and states of mind.

Rebillot also had the opportunity to experience the power of No Theater, to work with a Japanese mime and to participate in Native American rituals.

All this together convinced him that experimenting with posture and movement is a poweful way to access new emotional and mental states and to expand them.

This explains the role played by guided meditations and ritual theatre practices.

Guided meditation

Guided meditation calls on your intuition and images. It is done in movement, so as to intensify the role of your sensations and, thus, to expand the scope of what you have to explore and to discover.

Ritual theatre

Expressing yourself through movement and ritual is a way to connect with your vital, instinctual resources and to experience emotional involvement.

It helps you to go beyond the ratiocinations that block your creativity. It also intensifies your experience, hence the power of your learning.

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