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The hero's journey

Sound principles for a safely adventurous experience

A universal viewpoint

The key message is the invitation to explore your uniqueness as a human being and your drive towards experiencing your life as fully as you wish — while respecting others' uniqueness as well.

Take responsibility for your own choices

Freedom to explore and discover depends on respect. Respect of your own personal experience and respect of others’.

To take care of yourself means that you are free to go as far as you wish — and not any further than you wish. You are invited to take responsibility for your own involvement and to, at all times, stick to what feels true to you — which applies to you only  and only “here and now”, meaning that you can change your mind later.

Set your preconceived ideas aside

All activities (whether meditation used for personal and collective alignement, improvised movement, creative activities of all kinds or ritual theatre) serve to stimulate and nurture your inner adventure and structure a possibly new awareness of yourself.

They help you to call on the full array of your own resources (sensations, emotions, intuition and images) so that you can reach beyond your usual mental patterns.

What matters then is to make sure that you stay open to welcome surprise, whatever surfaces here and now.

Trust the process

Each workshop is an adventure of openness and  inner (re)discovery. It nevertheless observes a carefully designed process. This unfolds step by step, each step leading to some conclusion, thus making it possible for you and the whole goup to move on to the next step.

As long as long you feel uncomfortable with the way you faced the challenges in that step (in combination with the above responsibility principle), time is made available for you to look further into it

This principle makes it safe for eveybody in the group to experience their own inner adventure in a way that is as intense and authentic as possible.

Go safely back to your daily life

A nice experience is not everything. It is important to be clear about what you learned and how this will invigorate your life on a daily basis — not only your inner life, but also your life with others, at home, at work, in society at large… Only then will the workshop prove to make real sense.

Images : 1. Simon Massey di Vallaza, Wild Love —  2. Artist unknown — 3. Banksy — 4. Artist unknown  — 5. Jérôme Mesnager