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The hero's journey

Residential journeys designed to…

Ensure the richness of your experience.

What kind of space-time?

You’re boarding for eight days.

Seven days is the time needed to cast off your personal moorings, to think outside the box, to explore in depth what is important to you and what is holding you back, to let a renewed vision of your inner world emerge in you… and to ensure that you come back to daily life fully grounded.

It is essential that you feel as available as if you were going to sea or desert.

In order not to alter the rhythm of the whole group of journeyers, the schedules of embarkation and disembarkation are the same for all.

Which company?

The journeys are for all young people aged 18 to 88, open to the adventure of fully being human in all its diversity, and eager to take in hand the rest of their personal journey.

Which environment?

Priority is given to the ease of access, the natural environment, and the comfort of the place.

The meals, vegetarian and delicious, are prepared from local products.

Which activities?

The journey is an experience: no theory, no teaching, no speeches.

Just indications to set the framework of the proposed activities; group support; … and you, who decide for yourself how far to go — with the careful and rigorous support of facilitators who ensure that everyone keeps “good foot, good eye”.

No special physical fitness is required.

Learning is the same as in any other type of adventure: it depends on what you put into it…

How to organise yourself?

Ideally, your various external roles and constraints should not interfere with the quality of your inner journey as a whole person.

Concretely, please…

Guarantee your punctuality for the start and end of the journey.

Ensure your full availability in relation to your external responsibilities (work, family, etc.) by setting up adequate relays.

What about your return?

As after any voyage

that will have taken you away, it is a good idea to organise yourself for a smooth return down to earth,  initially limiting constraints and hectic pace.

Credits : 1. Unknown— 2. Constant, Fauna, 1949 — 3. Manabu Oda, Good Morning