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The hero's journey


Chronology of publications

by / about / related to Paul Rebillot


Joseph Campbell publishes The Hero with a Thousand Faces.


Paul Rebillot delivers a self-discovery worskhop structured after Joseph Campbell’s monomyth, and calls it The Hero’s Journey.


With Will Schutz and seven other persons, Paul Rebillot sets up Joy Press which publishes Schutz's third book, Elements of Encounter.


Paul Rebillot starts writing a book about the presuppositions, characteristics and dynamics of his approach, which make The Hero’s Journey a self-transformative experience.


Joseph Campbell talks about his life and career with friends and colleagues in the biographical film The Hero’s Journey: Joseph Campbell on his life and work. Three years later, a book will be published under the same title.


Paul Rebillot launches in Europe the first advanced training cycle of the School of Gestalt and Experiential Teaching.


PBS Chanel releases Joseph Campbell and the Power of Myth, a series of talks between Joseph Campbell and journalist Bill Moyers. These talks are published at the same time, under the title Power of Myth.


Paul Rebillot publishes The Hero’s Journey: Ritualizing the Mystery in Spiritual Emergency: When Personal Transformation Becomes a Crisis, edited by Stanislav and Christina Grof.


Paul Rebillot publishes The Call to Adventure: Bringing the Hero’s Journey to Daily Life with a foreword by Stanislav Grof. This book describes in details the specificities and dynamics of The Hero’s Journey workshop. It caters particularly to the needs of facilitators.


The Call to Adventure is translated and published in German under the title Die Heldenreise.


Publication of  Ritual Theatre edited by Claire Scrader,  including a chapter by Steve Mitchell dedicated to Paul Rebillot’s approach under the title Paul Rebillot’s Modern Day Rites of Passage.


Second edition of Rebillot's book under the title The Hero's Journey.


The Call to Adventure is translated and published in Italian under the title  Il viaggio dell'eroe.