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The hero's journey


The Abraham Project

In 2005, Paul Rebillot launched “The Abraham project”: the design, with a group of students of a workshop based on Abraham's journey. This was to be his last big project.

Beyond the description of how this specific workshop was put together, this text provides insights into the complex creative process that Rebillot had devised for designing structures based on mythological content.

Tony Khabaz, August 2020 (with Catherine Lagarde)

My journey with Paul Rebillot

Ten years after Paul Rebillot's death, on 11 February 2010, Tony Khabaz recalls.

Account of an enduring relationship, indicative of Rebillot's unique style and way of accompanying journeyers, and one example among many of how his approach could resonate with somebody's life.

Tony Khabaz, 11 Februrary 2020 (with Catherine Lagarde)

The hero's journey is not…

"Live your own myth"… "Rewrite your bio as that of a hero"… "Create your heroic future"… Even though they may be presented under the label of "the hero's journey" such promises have nothing to do with how Joseph Campbell conceived of it and what Paul Rebillot made out of it. Such expectations are based on two major misconceptions. Two clarifications are required.

Tony Khabaz and Catherine Lagarde, Februrary 2016

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